Links for Teachers

1. Nuclear History at the National Security Archive

This site has useful archives and collections of primary sources that you can order to explore with students, or can read to become further acquainted with the topic before teaching a unit about it.

2. The Nuclear Weapon Archive - A Guide to Nuclear Weapons

This site has information on both the history and development of nuclear weapons and present arsenals of nuclear weapons by both openly nuclear countries and covertly nuclear countries.


3. The Manhattan Project

A site made by the United States Department of Energy Office of History & Heritage that is incomplete, however the events section has been completed as has much of the resources section, both providing information and the latter a good collection of primary sources. Though much of the rest of the site is incomplete, it can help you focus what to look for if you are conducting research to put together a unit or to familiarize yourself with the topic.

4. NOVA Online - Russia's Nuclear Warriors

A site meant to be a secondary source to the film Russia's Nuclear Warriors, it has a variety of useful pages devoted to such topics as false alarms, and a simulation of a Russian launch-on-warning and counter attack.

5. A Timeline of the Nuclear Age

This site is a timeline of important developments and events in the Nuclear Age.

6. The Atomic Archive

The Atomic Archive is an extensive site with details about the science and the history.  The site has a large collection of media as well as a section for teachers including some lesson plans and exercises.